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Taichi in English

Taichi in English

Tai chi in English in Budapest

If you want to study taichi /taiji  in Budapest but you don't speak Hungarian (yet) you are very welcome to join my English or "bilingual" taichi classes.

Special tai chi lessons for companies (one on one or for groups) at your workplace:

- introductory tai chi lesson (English or bilingual)

- regular tai chi lessons in your company (English or bilingual)

- introductory chi kung lesson (English or bilingual)

- regular chi kung lessons in your company (English or bilingual)

- taichi show for conferences, "health days"

- taichi/ chikung seminar for weekends, for team-building in Budapest or in the beautiful mountains of Pilis. 

The benefits of taichi / chikung for your company are:

Relaxed colleagues with higher level consciousness:

-who are at peace and in harmony with themselves and the world,

-can concentrate much better

-have stamina

-are flexible

- and healthy.

Learning tai chi together with your workmates is the most wonderful way to develop both your body and your spirit, to become more conscious, to learn more about yourself and each other, and recognise the best in the other.

For more information call: +36 30 48 936 68

or write:

Ibolya Dienes

Certified taichi instructor, life and business coach

2018-09-17 21:52:48

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